Infrared thermography / Thermal bridges

ENERGY EXPERTISES – Infrared thermography and calculation of thermal bridges

What is the use of the infrared thermography and why do i need a calculation of thermal bridges?

The Infrared thermography allows to visualize the thermal losses as well as the thermal bridges of the building envelope.

This technique of the infrared thermography allows controlling the quality of insulation or detecting heat leaks in frames of doors and windows.

The infrared thermography camera can also detect areas with thermal bridges and thus prevent condensation causing mold growth can have negative effects on the health of occupants. This type of service is required while constructing a passif house or low energy house.

This benefit is accompanied by a clear and detailed report and recommendations for several energetic renovation measurements. On demand, we can also calculate the termal bridges in order to give you access to the financial aid of the luxembourgish government.

Our civil engineers and sworn court experts calculate and draw your thermal bridges in a total respect of the luxembourgish law.

Balcony Ceiling against external wall Isolated ceiling of a basement
Isolated roof Isolated socket Roller shutter housing

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