Judicial and extra-judicial expertises


Since 2008 Bureau d’Expertise Peyman Assassi, a branch of the luxembourgish company EPA s.àr.l. from Luxembourg City, is a growing group of civil engineers and sworn experts of the high court of Luxembourg forming a dynamic office that offers you a fast and efficient service to improve the performance, the quality of life and the value of your real estate assets including  residential, commercial, industrial and public buildings.

Our office uses in a permanent way a continued application of the latest know-how through one of the most efficient equipments, based on long lasting experiences and regular workshops, for all our services, including court expertises and energy expertises.

Our detailed analysis of any building, containing a comprehensive and integrated system for the identification and evaluation of any issue, is at the heart of our expertises. Close to you, our qualified engineers practice their skills in the whole Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


OUR DEVICE:       


Select Bureau d’Expertise Peyman Assassi is knowing and improving your property!

Our court expertises:

– locating and analysis of defects and failures of any type
– locating and analysis of humiditymold and any type of leakages
valuation of any type of property and infrastructure
preservation of evidence of any type



Our energy expertises:

energy passport for any type of buildings
energy consulting certified by myenergy for any type of buildings, Myenergy certified
thermography (infrared), locating and calculation of thermal bridges
– leak tightness test Blower Door for any type of buildings


Do you quickly need a proper energy passport, also called energy certificate, or do you need an energy consulting in order to get a financial aid from the luxembourgish government in form of several subsidies? Do you need a calculation thermal bridges and a blower door test to benefit from the governmental subsidies for a new passive house or low energy house? Or do have you discovered errors in a construction or even other deficiencies in your house or in your apartment? Do you feel or see moisture in your basement or in your apartment and need a useful infrared thermography and a useful report? Do you see or smell humidity in your house? Do you have trouble with a buyer, seller or constructor related to a contract and construction process and do you want to settle the conflict once and for all? Then our office is the right for you! Request your free offer for an energy expertise or a court expertise.

Suitable for:

  • Judicial institutions
  • Private individuals
  • Project managers and construction companies
  • Residential property managers
  • Insurance companies
  • Banks and other institutions

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