Preservation of evidence in Luxembourg

JUDICIAL AND EXTRAJUDICIAL EXPERTISES – The preservation of evidence in Luxembourg

Preservation of evidence

What is a preservation of evidence?

preservation of evidence (french: état des lieux) is a detailed description of a building, a flat including its equipments, visualizing evidences room by room, from the roof to the floor. It is as well created for the description of all kind of infrastructures and the area around the buildings.

When do I need a preservation of evidence?

In order to keep moving without complications and several problems with other people, you need one in case of construction worksrenovation works or in a case of a change of tenants of houses, flats, an office, a parking, garage, etc.

While renting a real estate, this document has to be created and signed by the land lord and the tenants, right before the tenants start to occupy the place. This report provides a proof of the situation before renting the real estate, after the presence of future damages. The second preservation of evidence has to be done right after the tenant moved out and while getting the keys back or while the contract is turning to an end.

In constructions of real estates, the preservation of evidence has to be written before the start of a new construction of buildings and infrastructures, which are close to the new construction area. In case of, that you would like to improve the size and volume of your building, or in case of a new construction or renovation works creating vibrations, this expertise is very important. Especially in order to detect the responsibility between the construction company, the owner of the building, the project manager and the insurance companies. The first visit and the creating of the report is done before the start of the works (report before work), the second one after the end of the work (report after work).

As an owner, the preservation of evidence helps you enforce your right to ask for the compensation of the created damages on and in your building. It defends you from unjustified payment requests by construction companies.

The objective of our expertise is the creation of a detailed and complete report of your building.

For more questions about the preservation of evidencegive our specialized and certificated office a call or ask our experts for our best offer!

We’re doing this kind of expertise for private people and companies as follows :

  • Owners and Property managers (syndics)
  • Tenants
  • Advocates and Courts of  Luxembourg
  • Engineers, architects and entrepreneurs
  • Construction companies
  • Insurance companies and banks

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