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ENERGY EXPERTISES – The energy passport in Luxembourg

What is the Energy Passport in Luxembourg?

The luxembourgish energy passportalso known as energy pass, or just CPE (french: certificat de performance énergétique), is a document that explains in detail on 5 pages the energy quality of the residential building and non-residential building. This document is required if you sell, rent, renovate, enlarge a building, or if you build a new one.

The energy passport for residential buildings:

The luxembourgish energy certificate for residential buildings identifies two classes of energy:

  • the termal protection class based on the calculated annual heating demand
  • the energy efficiency rating based on the calculated annual primary energy demand

Besides the energy passport for Luxembourg indicates the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2). The 5th page of the certificate shows the different possibilities of energy improvements that are possible.

The energy passport for non-residential buildings:

  • A five-page energy certificate, in which the fuel and electricity consumption is included, based on different areas of the building.

Being part of our internal rules and in order to assure in a permanent way the quality and conformity to the luxembourgish law, every single energy passport, also known as energy certificate, done by our office is controlled by our specialized civil engineers by using four different types of controls before sending.

Good to know:

The energy passport is established in Luxembourg for the entire building and is valid for a period of 10 years.

The general schedule for the maximum energy class characteristics, in terms of a continuous improvement of the energy consumption of residential buildings (e.g. depending on the compactness of the building) provides as follow:

Advertisements for sale and rent

The Grand-Ducal Regulation also lays down rules for the real estate industry as well as advertising and displays published in the media. From 1st July 2012 the energy efficiency class (corresponding to the primary energy demand) and the thermal protection class (according to the heating demand) of each building has to be indicated in advetisements fo sale or for rental of residential buildings.

Consequently, two ways of publication of this energy efficiency classes (depending on the choice of the seller / landlord) included in the energy passport are basically possible:

  • indication of the graphics according to the above two classes of energy
  • simplified indication of the energy classes by individual letters, such as ‘CC’, which refers to the first letter on the energy efficiency rating of the building and the second letter to the thermal protection class of the building.

Our civil engineers and sworn court experts make your energy passport and energy consulting in total respect with the luxembourgish law. Give us a call for more informations or for our best offer!

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Additional informations and legislation PDF-Download :

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