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ENERGY EXPERTISES – Blower-Door test in Luxembourg

What is a Blower Door test in Luxembourg and why is it needed ?

Energy expertises- The Blower Door Test

The Blower Door test is a technique for controlling the air-tightness of a building. The method involves detecting air infiltration, which would mean a energy consumption.

The Blower Door test is used for the measurement of the airtightness of a residential building during , the n50 value is considered and represents the volume exchange of the building per hour under 50Pa of pressure in the two sences.

The Blower Door Test intends to detect leaks in the envelope of a building, causing an unnecessary waste of energyThe goal of a construction project should be to guarantee a relatively airtight building in order to ensure a high reduction of the energy consumption and to get healthy indoor.

The Blower Door test, consisting of blower door equipment, smoke machine and anemometer, is carried out at a difference of pressure of 50Pa in positive pressure and vacuum. In order to reach the ambient pressure,  the air is pressed into the building and later on sucked out, while the engine mesures the leakage.

This certification after the Blower Door test is in general done for low energy houses or passive houses  or buildings as well as to obtain financial aid from the state for the installation of ventilation in a building.

Expertise Assassi Blower Door 3 Expertise Assassi Blower Door 2 Expertise Assassi Blower Door 1

For the measurement of the airtightness of a residential building the n50 value is, as mentioned, considered.

Passive House (AAA) with mechanical ventilation with heat recovery ≤  0,6
Low-energy house (BBB) ​​with mechanical ventilation with heat recovery ≤  1,0
Residential building with ventilation ≤  1,5
Economic House (CCC) without ventilation, energy efficient house ≤  1,5
Energetic renovation measures of  a house or a residence which wants to benefit from the financial aid from the luxembourgish government for a mechanical ventilation, which respects the minimum requirements of the environmental agency ≤  2,0

In order to measure the air tightness of a building purpose, the q50 value is considered. The q50 value [m³/m² x h] is the ratio between the measured air flow [m³/h] blowing through the Blower Door and the lateral surface of the tested building [m²].

Building without ventilation system ≤  5,0
Building with Passive House standard ≤  0,9
Buildings with low energy standard ≤  1,6
Building with economic standard, energy efficient house ≤  2,0
Building with a ventilation with exhaust and air supply ≤  2,0
Building with a ventilation with simple exhaust ≤  3,0

The infiltrations can be visualized by using smoke or airspeed sensors.

The Blower Door Test in Luxembourg is applicable for the certification of a passive house (AAA) and low energy house (BBB). In addition, the Blower Door test is a relevant document, if a financial aid from the government is required for the mechanical ventilation. For a new building, the energy passport must be added to the file too.  For further informations, give a call to our certified office or usk our best offer!



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