Valuation of property in Luxembourg

JUDICIAL AND EXTRAJUDICIAL EXPERTISES – The valuation of property in Luxembourg

When do i need a valuation of property in Luxembourg?

If you are planning to buy, to sell, to let a property or if you are involved in family issues such as in an inheritance or divorce and you need a financial statement, a valuation of the property by the experts of Bureau d’Expertise Peyman Assassi is the best indicator in order to define the price or the rent of the object.

Two primary criteria are observed in our detailed report of the valuation of property:

  • The property itself (ecological and economical factors, neighborhood, condition of property, technical modernity, etc.).
  • Assessment of the economic value (how will the value of the property possibly change in the coming years and decades; the timing that you choose to sell your house can play a big role in how much you are able to sell a property for).

The sworn experts and civil engineers of Bureau d’Expertise Peyman Assassi are familiar with the different factors which are affecting the value of homes and is researching all the relevant informations to ensure you to obtain a useful and accurate estimate of your property’s current value.

If you are searching for ways to increase the value of your home or if you want to sell or rent your home, we are pleased to create for you your energy consulting an energy passport. An increased energy efficiency will boost home value. Energy costs will continue to raise and most of the customers want to save money on their energy bill so they will look for more efficient homes. By consequent the value of a home that is more efficient then a standard one, will receive higher valuation in the future.

But not only you are giving your home a higher value once realizing at least one of the recommendations of our energy consulting, but you can will be supported by the government funding as well.

For more informations about the valuation of property, contact our experts for a meeting in our offices or ask us for our best offer!

We provide experts advices for private people and companies as follows:

  • Owners and other private people
  • Advocates and luxembourgish Courts
  • Engineers, architects and entrepreneurs
  • Insurance companies and banks

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