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ENERGY EXPERTISES – The energy consulting in Luxembourg

Do you want to renovate your building and safe in an efficient and lucrative way energy?

  • Ask our experts and civil engineers for an energy consulting for Luxembourg! The energy report is made by our qualified civil engineers and energy experts, who accompany you during your energetic renovations.

When do i need an Energy Consulting in Luxembourg?

  • If you want to decrease the energy consumption of your building
  • If you want to increase the value of your building
  • If I want to use the whole potential for improvement

This potential is based on:

      1. Reducing energy needs by increasing energy efficiency in buildings.
      2. The preferred choice of renewable energy compared to fossil fuels.

The energy consulting in Luxembourg made by the experts of Bureau d’Expertise Peyman Assassi is certified by the public organisation myenergy and is a detailed report outlining the current status of the object and studying the best techno-economic potential remediation taking into account two factors cited above, in order to provide you the best solutions for the improvement of the energy efficiency and higher profitability and a comfort of your building. Ideal for the conception of a passive house or a low energy house. Increasing energy efficiency is not conserving energy, but above all reduced costs! 0% mold and 100% satisfaction! For more informations give us a call for a meeting in our offices.

Loi Luxembourg

Additional informations and legislation (french):

Financial aid

The proposed remediation measures in the energy consulting are subsidized by the State of Luxembourg.

Grants for clean thermal envelope include the substitution of other windows, isolation of the front wall, a wall against unheated area or soil and cons of the roof or upper deck.


Expertise Assassi isolation plancher toiture Expertise Assassi conseil en énergie 2 Expertise Assassi isolation mur


However, four conditions must be met to qualify for such aid:

  1. Energy consulting following the luxembourgish legislation
  2. The residential building must be aged over 10 years.
  3. The energy consulting must be accompished by a qualified expert.
  4. At least one proposal for improvement must be realized.
Further information on energy consulting in the form of press articles, advices and others can be found on our professional page on Facebook.
The diagram below shows all the possible steps in the context of an energy consultancy. However it is not mandatory to strictly follow this course, because it may vary depending on your needs.

Investments made between 1st January 2013 and 31st December 2014, based on an energy consulting made before 31st December 2012, can still benefit amounts and technical requirements based on the existing law of 2012.
Loi Luxembourg

Additional informations and legislation (french):

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